This is kinda personal~ But I honestly haven’t met many celebrities, let alone actual PEOPLE, who are willing to spend a few hours of their time in the cold, pouring rain to connect with others, and not get paid for it. Like, he could have just said, “to hell with this! It’s pouring today. I’m going home” and spent the afternoon drinking warm tea with his family.

But he stayed. He took pictures with me and anyone who asked nicely. He bought pizza for everyone. He gave me a hug. He gladly spared a few of minutes to have a really, really nice chat with me about my goals life, when he could have just kindly told me to go away. 

I’m sorry, but a celebrity like Misha, a human being like Misha(complete with feelings and emotions…like, woah, how about that!!!) deserves so much more appreciation than this. All I want is to let him know there’s a better half of what he’s been exposed to lately. That’s it. I refuse to be represented by the ugliness of hate, because that’s not who I am and that’s not who we are.